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Collard Green Smorgasbord Wrap On The Go

What can I say? It’s Friday and my fiance had ACL surgery on Wednesday so life has been rough. Luckily, I slaved all day on Sunday making a quinoa, kale, and cauliflower dish (cooked quinoa with garlic and onion in homemade veggie broth, seasoned with turmeric and veggie pepper - added kale after quinoa cooked for 15 minutes and let it steam, then tossed it all into a huge bowl with a head of cauliflower) along with a walnut spread 

for our collard wraps. I added the left over radish from the collard wrap dinner to the quin-kale-cauli dish and basically ate that all week. 

Today I needed to mix it up a bit so this morning I tore up two collard greens and tossed them in with the now quin-kale-cauli-radish dish and then added a few spoonfuls of the walnut spread…O. M. GGGGG. It was so spicy rich delicious, I couldn’t help but lick the spoon at 6 am after just brushing my teeth. It was irresistibly delicious and all morning long I couldn’t wait to eat my lunch.

Try as I may (and I tried hard) it just doesn’t look that pretty. But let me reassure you, what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in taste. SO AMAZING. And so glad I made the spreads and did all the prep work on Sunday - makes preparing dishes during the week a breeze.

Seasonal eating at it’s finest. I just can’t get enough.

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